Jan Harder

Financial Secretary/Office Administrator


Jan has been the Office Manager since 1989.  She is the one who answers the phone when you call the church and if she doesn’t have the answer she will either get if for you or tell you who to talk to.

 She is also the Financial Secretary, so if you have any questions about your contributions to the church she is the one to call.

As a member of the Building and Grounds Committee, she works with them to help keep the building and grounds safe and looking spic and span.  If you have any complaints or suggestions for this group she would be glad to pass them on.

Jan is also an at-large member of the Executive Board.  If there are any questions, complaints or suggestions for the church, talk to her and she will present them to the Executive Board.  She is also the vice moderator and fills in when Betty Bethune, moderator is not available.

Jan thinks the best part of Community Church is the people.  As a member since 1983 Community Church has always felt like a family.  There is a comfort and safety in coming both to worship and to work!