“Awe combined with intimacy is the essence of Christian worship.”
—J. D. Greear
If you will be attending our church for the first time, we would welcome you with a greeter at each entrance to the Sanctuary. From the back parking lot, you may enter the church building and walk through Frazier Hall, follow the signs to the sanctuary. Or if you prefer you may walk around the church building to the front of the church facing Bowden Road, and come through our Front doors of the Sanctuary.
I know we are planning to enjoy the choir and the brass quintet and sing joyful songs together. Our service will last about an hour, with coffee, and refreshments following the service in Frazier Hall, all are welcome.
Children are most welcome to attend, and on Easter we wish to keep the family units together for worship. If a toddler needs room to explore, there are places in the back of the Sanctuary where you are most welcome to use as a place to be comfortable with the exuberance of children.
We hope that our greeters will be able to assist you if you have other needs, and I look forward to seeing you and making new friends.
“When you have a heart to serve and help others it unlocks something in you.”
—Reuben Morgan
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